The benefit of …

The benefit of evil is when it balances against another evil.


Why is John McCain a warmonger

McCain cheated death time and again. That kind of experience deprives one of the natural empathy for fellow human beings. Or, other people’s death doesn’t mean much to him. That’s why he doesn’t hesitate in proposing military solutions for any issue.

Don’t punish somebody who speaks truth, America!

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Comment on Comment (9/6/07) on Wayne Besen’s Daily Commentary (5/4/07)

Original post:

In response to the last message posted by Anonymous, at 9/06/2007 9:18 AM:

I totally agree with you on all of your points, if it’s a stand-alone message. I agree that ANYONE has the right to religious belief and should tolerate others for that matter. However, the originator of this particular post and all the other commentators were not talking about ANYONE. They were talking about the President of the USofA, the single most important job on the planet. And guess what, the president is not ANYONE, and not ANYONE can be a president. And therefore the rule applying to ANYONE does not necessarily applies to the President. Definitely not in this case.

So basically Mr. Anonymous was talking about a different issue from the others. Therefore no argument and no need to be disappointed. The next question might be why those who don’t believe in evolution can’t make good president. Here’s why:

Evolution is not just a religious argument. In essence it’s one of the gazillion results of centuries of scientific research, like our microwaves. Refusing evolution is the same as discrediting scientific research in general (because all science researches follow the same principles of scientific methodologies). Of course anybody  can believe in whatever one wants, but why is discrediting science research (closely related to education of course) unacceptable for the American president?

The reason why the USofA is the most powerful nation in the world today can in a large part be attributed to its tradition of supporting science research and education. Harvard was built long before the nation itself. Today America boasts the most and the best higher education institutes, just as any greatest civilizations in history did. Nobody can ignore the correlation between a nation’s total number of Nobel Prize Laureates and the nation’s position in the world in terms of economic development, military power, living standards, etc. Discrediting science research and education would definitely jeopardize America’s number one position. And it’s already happening under the current administration. Funding for science research and education were cut; college tuitions were soaring, resulting in more education debt and less enrollment. In terms of patents and research papers, other countries are catching up. China is sending people to the moon and had already shot down a satellite with a missile. Wake up, America!

As I mentioned, the American President can’t be just anybody. He or she doesn’t have to be scientifically trained, but the president must have solid logical thinking capabilities as the foundation for decision-making. If there had been just a little logical thinking involved, the American military wouldn’t have been used to attack one country while the real enemy was hiding in another. Even dogs know to bite whoever abuses them, not innocent passersby.

“Some things were done so stupidly, even cavemen would not have done!”

If there’s any attack on evolution, here’s their best evidence: Some people never evolved. Even worse, they thrived against all odds of natural selection!

Speaking of which, if some people are still not with me, the only issue they can raise is the solidness of evolution as a scientific theory. And the only argument they can provide is that there are still missing link evidences to support the continuous evolution scenario.